Convection-Cooled and Rugged Gooseneck System

Dolan-Jenner introduces the Fiber-Lite Model 190 Gooseneck System. Ideal for industrial, semiconductor and microscopy applications, the Fiber-Lite 30 watt illumination system is one of several Fiber-Lite Illumination Systems that Dolan-Jenner produces.

The Model 190 is a 30 Watt, quartz halogen illumination system capable of delivering 10,000 foot candles of intense, cold illumination. The light source features a rugged, convection-cooled enclosure with results in zero noise, vibration, or air particle generation.

The 4-position, solid state, light intensity switch allows the selection of appropriate light levels and significantly increases lamp life at lower setting. The Model 190 features a lamp life of 200 hours minimum, and a color temperature of 3100ºK.

Dolan-Jenner’s Model 190-1 system includes the BGTI826 Fiber Optic Light guide and LH759 Focusing Lens. The LH759 focusing lens features a 28mm focal length, providing higher levels of illumination at long stand-off distances by concentrating the fiber optic cone of light. In addition, the Model 190’s rugged enclosure with hard mounting capability makes it ideal for a variety of applications and locations.

Learn more about the Fiber-Lite Model 190.

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