Bringing cost-effectiveness and quality to custom fiber optic sensing and illumination systems

Dolan-Jenner Industries has expanded its custom fiber optics, engineering, and technical support capabilities to better meet user needs.  With flexible engineering and lean manufacturing operations, Dolan-Jenner brings improved quality, service and more cost-effective solutions to its custom fiber optics sensing and illumination systems.

Our Custom Light Guides exemplify Dolan-Jenner’s focus on quality and innovation in design and manufacturing.  Found in extreme environments, from under the sea to satellites in space, these Custom Light guides can withstand operating temperatures from – 65º C to over 1000º C.

When applications require custom designed fiber optics, Dolan-Jenner’s highly skilled and experienced application engineers work with companies to arrive at the best solutions. To receive price and delivery information on a special fiber optic design, customers should provide a sketch or drawing illustrating specific requirements.  This should include: OAL (overall length) of the fiber optic assembly, fiber bundle diameter, fiber material, operating temperature, sheathing material, special termination configurations, and length of branches for multi-branch configurations. When a line-to-circle fiber optic is desired, Dolan-Jenner has a comprehensive list of fiber molds to meet most applications.

For additional product information and capabilities, please contact us.

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