Introducing the Fiber-Liteģ MI-150 Ringlight System
Universal Fit and Custom Fit Systems for
Nikon, Olympus, Leica and Unitron Microscopes

Dolan-Jenner introduces the Fiber-Lite MI-150 Ringlight System. Ideal for laboratory use, the Fiber-Lite MI-150 Ringlight System features 360 degrees of shadow-free, high-intensity illumination and provides the greatest range of working distance. The systemís ring lights will directly fit the most popular OEM-type stereo microscopes, thereby offering the widest range of versatility to adapt to almost any application.  

Dolan-Jennerís fiber optic ring lights are available individually, or can be purchased as a complete system with the 150 watt, MI-150 light source, which features a lamp life of 200 hours of full intensity and up to 10,000 hours at lower intensities, a noise level less than 25dB, and a weight of just 9.25 pounds. Custom fit ring lights are available for the following microscopes: Nikon SMZ Series, Olympus SZ Series, Leica S4/S6/S8APO, and the Unitron ZST and ZSB. Dolan-Jenner also offers universal fit ring lights for microscopes not listed above, as well as positionable self-supporting light guides when ring lights are not desired.

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