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A-241 Machine Vision Illuminator

A-241 Fiber Optic Illuminator
150-Watt Quartz Halogen DC Stabilized Fiber Optic Illuminator

The A-241 is a high performance illuminator specifically designed for critical machine vision applications in a factory environment. The unit consists of a regulated DC power supply with selectable panel and analog 0-5 VDC intensity control. Computer controlled 8-bit digital I/O remote intensity adjustment is also available. The small remote lamp module can be effectively mounted close to conserve on fiber optic length or directly on a robotic arm. The lamp module includes mounting for a near infrared and two additional color filters.

Features Technical Information
  • DC regulated stabilizes light output @ +/- .5%

  • Filter holder for additive or subtractive color filtering

  • Input line voltage regulated: 85-135 VAC (115VAC); 170-270 VAC (230VAC)

  • Remote On/Off and Intensity Control: Remote off leaves lamp filament heated; 0-5 Volt intensity control; optional 8-bit digital input intensity control with chip enable (CE)

  • DC Operation and Lamp

  • Soft Start

System Consists of A-241L lamp module and A-241P power supply
Input 85-135 VAC, 50/60 Hz., or 170-270 VAC, 50/60Hz. (See: Order Code)
Controls Front panel illuminated power on/off switch,
panel/remote operation selector switch, 0-100% panel intensity control potentiometer
Remote Intensity Control 8-bit digital input with chip enable or 0-5 V
analog input (See: Order Code)
Remote On/Off Ground BNC connection. Online cord and accessory ground at A-241P back panel
SystemWeight A-241L=2 lb. 1.1oz. (0.939Kg.) A-241P=7 lb. 6.4oz. (3.358 Kg.), Total Weight=9 lb. 7.5 oz. (4.296Kg.)
Line Cord 7 ft., 6 in. (2.29 m) to A-241P
Lamp Module Connection A-241P to A-241L = 7 ft., 6 in. (2.29 m)
Lamp 150 Watt, 21 V, EKE Quartz Halogen Lamp
Lamp Output 400,000 footcandles @ fiber optic insertion plane @maximum density
Lamp Color Temperature 3200 Degrees Kelvin @ max. intensity
Lamp Life 200-10,000+ hrs. (lamp voltage vs. life)
Light Output Regulation Better than +/-0.5%
Lamp Voltage DC stabilized over range @ +/-0.3%or better
Voltage Ripple Under 0.01%or better
Download the A-241 Fiber Optic Illuminator data sheet

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