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Model DC950H Machine Vision Illuminator

Model DC950H Fiber Optic Illuminator
The Fiber-Lite DC950H now offers up to 2X the output of the previous DC950, even greater reliability and is now RoHS compliant! The DC950H is a cost effective 150 watt quartz halogen light source designed specifically for machine vision lighting. The DC950H features a DC-regulated output, which is stabilized to +/- 0.5 %. Precise regulation is essential for machine vision applications, where variation in input line voltages would otherwise effect the image capture.

The DC950H maintains a compact size, while offering features such as a linear remote intensity control option, Universal AC Input Power, and color filtering capability. The nosepiece is compatible with all of our standard fiber optic configurations.

Features Technical Information
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Light output regulation of +/- 0.5% or better
  • 0-5 VDC linear remote control interface, with optional digital interfaces
  • Solid state intensity control (0-100%)
  • Universal AC Input Power
  • BV (Curtis-Straus) 61010-1 3rd Edition
  • Color filtering options
  • Optional Mounting Brackets
  • Easy lamp change
  • Cool housing and nosepiece temperature
  • Small foot print
  • 2 Yr. Warranty
Input 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz Universal AC Input
Lamp 150 Watt, 21 V, EKE quartz halogen
Color Temperature 3200° Kelvin at max. intensity
Lamp Life 200 hrs. at full intensity/ up to 10,000 hrs.
at lower levels
Fiber Optic Interface DC950H - 1.0 in. dia.
DC950HB - 0.59 in. dia.
Light Output Regulation +/- 0.5% or better
Output Ripple 0.4% or better
Intensity Control solid state 0-100%
Remote Intensity Control 0-5 VDC analog,
optional 8-bit digital or RS232
Dimensions 7.25" x 9.50" x 4.69"
Weight 11.5 lbs.
Approvals BV (Curtis-Straus) 61010-1 3rd Edition
Download the Fiber-Lite DC950H data sheet

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