Fiber-Lite Illuminators for Microscopy & General Use
Dolan-Jenner Industries has been manufacturing Fiber-Lite fiber optic illumination systems for microscopy since 1962. We provide advanced products all the way from some of our original durable units such as the 180 and 190 models to some of our newest products such as the LMI-6000 and DC950H product lines. We want to prove to you whether you’re a long time customer or a new one that we’re changing the way we do business
Fiber-Lite DC-Regulated Illuminators for Machine Vision
Since 1962 Dolan-Jenner has grown as one of the leading manufacturers of machine vision illumination. We serve industries such as packaging, material handling, automotive, printing, food, metals, and semiconductors. The Machine vision product line can be applied to almost any application with its versatility to apply varying options such as regulated voltage, dual light sources, high output and consistent durability.
Diffused on Axis Illumination
The FLD (Fiber-Lite Diffuse) optical assemblies provide wide angle, on-axis, diffused illumination housed in factory hardened, industrial rugged packaging. The FLD’s unique design allows the camera to view the object perpendicularly through the unit. As a result, highly reflective objects with uneven surfaces can reflect light to the camera from every point on their surface, eliminating glint and shadows. The AI optical assemblies provide more uniform, diffuse illumination than most lighting methods.

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