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BG4 Series Single Gooseneck, Combination flexible & semi-rigid

Part Number BG436 002156044036

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For applications which require a single near horizontal incident angle or a downward projected source of high intensity cold illumination, with the light source located further away from the point of use.

The BG4 series single branch combination flexible sheathing and "gooseneck" assemblies are an extremely versatile product which when paired with a Fiber-lite illuminator provide very high intensity and bright white illumination. The combination of flexible sheathing and gooseneck offer the user increased options for location of the Fiber-lite illuminator relative to the lighting point of use while still offering positional "gooseneck" capability. This unit was designed to replace the low power stereo microscope lighting with increased light levels of cold illumination. The BG4 fiber assembly with a large 0.25 inch (6.35mm) bundle diameter starts from the light source with flexible monocoil sheathing of various lengths, and transitions to 12" of positional gooseneck at the output end of the cable assembly. This system provides obedient light output placement for critical illumination requirements at angles of incidence from near vertical to near horizontal. For lens we offer the LH-1100 50mm focusing lens. This cable assembly requires a mounting stand (MS-8), or other apparatus to clamp, mount or support the cable at the transition point.

In a laboratory environment, the single arm gooseneck fiber optic assembly provides excellent ancillary usage as a light source for small animal microsurgery with a stereo microscope, general specimen preparation for light and electron microscopy, while decreasing morphological changed induced by dehydration and heat.

Product Specs
  • Fiber Material: Borasilicate Glass
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.55 nominal
  • Acceptance (cone) Angle: 68 degrees nominal
  • Fiber Bundle Diameter 0.250”
  • Temperature Rating: 225°F
  • Packing Fraction 82%: nominal
  • Sheathing Material: Gooseneck (steel, painted black)
  • Bend Radius (gooseneck): 4.0”
  • Bend Radius (flex): 2.5"
  • Output End Ferrule Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Input End Ferrule Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Transition Material: 303 Stainless Steel/PVC Heatshrink
  • RoHS: Non Applicable
  • Accessories: LH-100 Lens