); The History of Dolan-Jenner

The History of Dolan-Jenner

Since 1962, Dolan-Jenner has grown as one of the leading manufacturers of fiber optic components and fiber optic illumination systems. Founded in Melrose, MA by Bernard Dolan and Bob Jenner, Dolan-Jenner started as a manufacturer of electronic control s and decorative fiber optic lamps. Prior to this, Dolan owned and operated Dolan Controls, providing the background for the sensors and illuminator product lines. In the 1980s as Dolan-Jenner continued to expand, they added safety light curtains to the product line and moved to Woburn, MA. In the early 1990s, Dolan-Jenner continued to grow and moved again, this time to South Lawrence, MA. In 1996, Dolan-Jenner became a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation and merged with Setra Systems in 2004. Setra Systems has maintained the Dolan-Jenner brand for all our fiber optic products. As of 2016, Danaher split and formed Fortive Corporation, a multi-national conglomerate with divisions located in more than 20 countries.

Dolan-Jenner was and continues to be one of the pioneers in fiber optics technology, serving the microscopy, imaging, and machine vision industries since 1962. Dolan-Jenner remains among the leading manufacturers of glass and quartz cables for flame sensing, OEM and custom fiber optics, measuring and machine safety devices, and fiber optic illumination systems. Dolan-Jenner is one of the few fiber optic companies in the United States to integrate into a single facility the design, engineering, and manufacture of fiber optic assemblies and electronics.

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