); About Dolan-Jenner

About Dolan-Jenner

Since 1962, Dolan-Jenner has grown as one of the leading manufacturers of fiber optic components and fiber optic illumination systems serving the microscopy, imaging, and machine vision industries.

In 1996, Dolan-Jenner became a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation, and merged with Setra Systems in 2004. Respecting the incredible reputation Dolan-Jenner has built within the market, Setra Systems has maintained the Dolan-Jenner brand for all of the fiber optic products that are still being produced in the Boxborough, MA manufacturing facility. As of 2016 Danaher split and formed Fortive Corporation, a multi-national conglomerate with divisions located in more than 20 countries. As a member of the Fortive Corporation, Setra Systems has made great strides in improving its business platform - constantly striving for perfection in Customer Service and Product Quality. We are proud that through the application of Fortive Business System strategies combined with the use of "state of art" material control procedures, such as Kanban, that we are continually measuring and improving not only the quality of product that we deliver but also the reliability of on time delivery.

Dolan-Jenner, as a product line of Setra Systems, is ANSI-ASQSO 9001:2008 certified through our registrar, National Quality Assurance (NQA). This prestigious certification requires Dolan-Jenner to maintain a documented quality system to ensure customer satisfaction through controlled design, manufacturing, and employee training programs.

Integrity & Compliance Program

Please go to http://www.fortive.com/integrity-and-compliance for a copy of our Standards of Conduct or to make a report on the Fortive Integrity and Compliance Helpline