); LHF Rod Lens for QF QDF Line Lights — Dolan-Jenner

LHF Rod Lens for QF QDF Line Lights

Part Number LHF2075 ROD LENS 700011701001

Also Available at Select Distributors

Material is cast acrylic polished rod.

Increased illumination throughput or stand-off distances and
uniform lines of light are critical for line scanning inspection
and machine vision applications. Dolan-Jenner rod
lenses, when used with our fiber optic line lights, provide
a light stripe in excess of 7,000 foot candles at 12 inches,
10x brighter than a non-lens setup.

Standard Features:
■ Condensed Line Outputs for
Structured Lighting Applications
■ Even Distribution of Light Over the
Width of the Beam
■ Increased Working Distances
■ Minimal Stray Light