QF Fiber Optic Line Lights (Single head) 1.5", 3.0", 6.0", 10.0"

Part Number QF2036 SK79200036

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The Line Light design allows the structuring of light from round light source input to a line output configuration. The area of illumination coverage is defined by the length of the fiber optic line, the 68 degree light output cone on both axis and the stand-off distance. The output will be most uniform on the central axis and equal to the length of the fiber optic line. Thus, selection of the line light should be equal or slightly longer than the target. Decreasing the stand-off distance will increase the level of illumination.

Single Line Light, QF type, are usually interfaced with line scan camera web applications. If higher levels are desired to increase the application through-put or stand-off distance a rod lens can be selected. A rod lens can provide a stripe in excess of 7,000 foot candles at 12 inches, over seven times brighter than the non-lensed set-up.