); MA4 20mm Mini Annular Ring Light — Dolan-Jenner

MA4 20mm Mini Annular Ring Light

Part Number MA436 002190020036

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Dolan-Jenner's mini annular ring lights provide excellent uniformity, intense shadow-free on-axis lighting and are especially useful when imaging or inspecting highly reflective objects. The mini ring light Illumination Systems provide high intensity illumination at the highest magnification and long working distances without light adjustment when refocusing or when zoom features are used.The fiber optic system will eliminate the clutter and head radiation of multiple conventional Light sources.

The MA4 is a mini-annular fiber optic for low power objectives of standard compound microscopes having a maximum diameter of 0.83 inches (21mm). This unit provides brilliant, cool 360 degrees' incident illumination at working distances of 0.2 to 1.0 inches ( 5 to 25mm) to expand the capabilities of the microscope in viewing, inspection, and photography of opaque specimens. Fits objective lenses 5 to 21mm diameter.

To further reduce specular reflections from shiny surfaces, ring lights can be used in combination with a polarizer and analyzer.

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